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Blue Perk Refresh

Three months into 2017 and so much in my life has changed. The most relevant is I’ve changed my Instagram handle from @FredRdgz to @BluePerk for proper brand alignment.

Blue Perk Takes Miami

Summer is in full swing, and no better place to be than Miami during their Swim Week.

Hello Spring/ Summer 2016

New York City winter is FINALLY over! But not without some final cold days still into the middle of May, but none-the-less, each day that passes is closer to summer.

Dr. Martens Berlin Summer Style

Wearing 1461 shoes paired with Men in Cities backpack and my favorite Nirvana shirt, in my second outfit for #StandForSomething collaboration.

How to Travel for 3 Weeks with only Carry on Luggage

During the month of June, I visited 4 European cities over 3 weeks with only carry on luggage using budget airlines such as Easyjet, Transavia, Vueling, and AirEuropa.