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Get to Know Me Better: Blogging Since 2011

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! That is exactly what I think now when I realize how long I’ve been blogging.

Blue Perk Moments | Second Edition

Second edition of sharing where I shoot my photos is underway!

Blue Perk Refresh

Three months into 2017 and so much in my life has changed. The most relevant is I’ve changed my Instagram handle from @FredRdgz to @BluePerk for proper brand alignment.

Hello Spring/ Summer 2016

New York City winter is FINALLY over! But not without some final cold days still into the middle of May, but none-the-less, each day that passes is closer to summer.

Once again in New York City

Since leaving Berlin in September I’ve traveled to New York for two weeks, then Texas for a month, and now back to New York for (hopefully) good.