Summer is in full swing, and no better place to be than Miami during their Swim Week.

Blue Perk Takes Miami

Summer is in full swing, and no better place to be than Miami during their Swim Week.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 05. July 2017 at 05:36 pm

This blog post was originally shared Summer of 2016:
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Summer is in full swing, and no better place to be than Miami during their Swim Week. Leaving New York behind for the weekend, I was able to have some fun in the sun getting a much needed tan on the beach while watching some fashion shows in-between.

Let’s start with why I was in Miami for their Swim Week. KYBOE, a relatively new watch company to the states invited me and some fellow blogger friends to attend their Swim Week show where they introduced a new collection of watches. A great excuse to leave steamy NYC for even hotter Miami, where at least there are no shortage of pools to cool off in and a oh so comforting ocean to take a dip in.

Upon arriving in Miami first order of business was to take some photos and “enjoy” the refreshing heat before attending KYBOE’s Swim Week show. Luckily I thought ahead and packed 6 outfits for my 3 day trip, since I instantly sweated through each one within minutes of leaving my hotel and needed to change before each event throughout the weekend. There was a healthy balance of relaxing and partying during my trip. Sadly I didn’t save a lot of photos that I took on SNAPCHAT (one downfall to 24 hour story - minus not using Memories). So for those of you who follow me on Snapchat (@FREDRDGZ), you were able to get my full experience. For those of you who don’t… well you should! ;)

Though I didn’t save all the photos from my weekend, I did make sure to capture each of my outfits over the weekend that best tell the story of my weekend.

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First outfit from NYC to MIA, I wore airport friendly slip ons for quick TSA screening. After taking some photos on the roof of my hotel it was time to freshen up and change for KYBOE’s show Friday evening. 

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Wearing: FRENCH CONNECTION SHIRT/ Grana shorts/ KYBOE WATCH/ Men in Cities bracelet/ George Frost cuff/ Thrifted ascot 

For outfit two I decide to heat things up with a red floral shirt for KYBOE’s Swim Week show which was very different from other fashion shows that I have seen before. This one involved hand mannequins that featured the new watches and very happy models who strutted down the runway smiling wearing bathing suits and color appropriate watches.  

After the show I enjoyed some light bites and plenty of alcohol at the Setai hotel on South Beach. Followed by checking out Twist night club where I switched out my formal shirt for a casual black tank-top and danced until sunrise. A great closing to day 1!  

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Saturday (day 2) started with a much anticipated hangover, but I didn’t let that stop me from waking up at 9am to beat the heat (sorta) for outfit photos. The best part of traveling with other blogger friends is we understand even though it’s hot and it’s not ideal to be shooting looks while sweating. We get it done without complaining like most others do, and the photos look good. 

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Have I mentioned I like shoes? For this trip I packed about 8 pairs of shoes just incase for an unexpected occasion. 

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After frolicking on the beach shooting first look of day 2, it was time to change yet again before actually enjoying the beach (not only as a location to shoot at). 

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I couldn’t resist using my hotels bike as a prop while shooting photos. If I had more time it would have been nice to ride up and down south beach, but due to limited time I just took some photos and gave it back… I still had fun! :)

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Finally after two outfit shots while trying not to melt, it was time to relax on some beach chairs with scrumptious bites and drinks! 

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DISCLAIMER: I did eat all of this, but made sure to go on a run afterwards. All before freshening up to visit Marc Bell’s (host of our trip… Google him) $35 million dollar mansion! 

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Whew! Onto outfit 3 of Saturday at the Setai hotel before boarding a literally moving club in a bus. Absolutely unreal! We drove an hour out of Miami to Boca while popping bottles of champagne, taking shots of tequila, and some busting their moves on a convenient dancing pool at the back of bus. 

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As I mentioned I didn’t save many photos that I took on Snapchat, so unfortunately I don’t have any of Marc Bell’s stunning mansion. Although, you can take a look HERE for yourself. My favorite was his Star Trek theater room and impressive collection of Andy Warhol originals. After a delicious dinner and a hospitable tour of Marc’s house it was back to Miami where I gave into sleep and called it a night! 

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Though I couldn’t resist waking up for sunrise Sunday morning. A real treat that was totally worth not going out. Moments like this hold a very special place in my heart! 

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Wearing: AMERICAN EAGLE SHIRT/ Tommy Hilfiger shorts/ Dune London shoes/ Triwa sunglasses

After a quick nap post sunrise, I joined some friends at the Soho Beach House for brunch with a stunning view over South Beach.

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A fantastic way to start my last day where I proceeded to relax by the pool and take one last dip in the ocean before headed to the airport. 
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Looking back I would love to do it all over again! 

Make sure to keep up with me on SNAPCHAT & INSTAGRAM until my next blog post! ;) 

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