Travel - Germany

Keeping Warm during Berlin Winter

There is more than one way to stay warm during the hash, cold, and gray Berlin winters. These are some of my fashionable ways.

Case of Berlin Syndrome

When I want to dance, there is no better place than Berlin to lose myself.

Blue Perk Move From Berlin to New York City

Quick update: I was forced by German government to uproot my life in Berlin and move back to New York with only two weeks to do so.

Berlin Transitional Weather Style

Third outfit for Dr. Martens #StandForSomething, I naturally decided to wear a sweater that makes me feel like a super hero. F for Freddy!

Dr. Martens Berlin Summer Style

Wearing 1461 shoes paired with Men in Cities backpack and my favorite Nirvana shirt, in my second outfit for #StandForSomething collaboration.