Travel - Los angeles

Chevy Silverado Hispanic Heritage Trail Moments

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, Chevy loaned me their all-new 2021 Silverado Crew RST 4WD for a road trip to different Hispanic heritage sites in Los Angeles.

2020 Chevy Traverse High Country Valentine’s Day Moment

Test drove Chevy’s 2020 Traverse High Country for Valentine’s Day in Laguna Beach.

2019 Chevy Blazer Poppy Moment

Did you get to discover Walker Canyon Poppy field in California?

New City, New Blue Perk Moments

Have you heard? I moved to Santa Monica and I’m loooooooving it!

Staying Charged & Living Healthy Moments While Traveling

Living my healthiest life no matter where I am.