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How to make the most of 3 days in Florence, Italy

What to do in Florence with only three days is a tough decision, but if you’re willing to rise early and put your walking shoes on. You can see a lot more than you would probably expect and still have time for a GELATO break (or two)!

What to Wear in Venice during November

Venice in November might as well be the best time of year to visit, there are hardly any tourist and its like you have the city to yourself.

Men’s Ultimate Skinny Jean

Denim might as well be the basic staple that everyone wears, either it’s black, blue, white, or some other color of the rainbow.

Exploring Germany’s Reichstag Building

Germany’s Reichstag building is their parliament office that conveniently so happens to have a spectacular dome that the public can visit for free (with a reservation of course).

Discussing Winter Essentials: Parkas & Winterized Shoes

When winter it does arrive, it is best to be prepared with a basic black parka for warmth and winterized shoes for rain plus the most likely snow to come.