Paris is always a good place to visit, regardless the time of year. Each time I return, there is always a charm.

Autumn in Paris

Paris is always a good place to visit, regardless the time of year. Each time I return, there is always a charm.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 29. November 2017 at 07:31 pm

This is my 4th time returning to Paris and each time it is just as magical as my first visit. For this trip, I decided to break up my month in Berlin by traveling to some of my favorite cities where I have friends. That is what brought me to Paris. To visit some friends from my past travels and to take a break from partying in Berlin. With the flight only being an hour and a half for about 100 euro or less depending on when you book. I could, not get away for a week visit. Honestly, if I lived in Europe with my American salary, I would be traveling all the time to different countries just for weekend getaways. That is something I really wish America offered. Cheap airfare for one and well a sense of different culture only a state away. As much as I complain, I do love New York City, so, for now, I will just keep traveling abroad a few times a year. 

During my week-long visit to Paris, I was a tourist and loved it! Here are some of my favorite captured moments. I really wish I could have done more cliche blogger moments, but when I travel without my husband. I find myself limited, though I am lucky to have a few good friends in Paris who helped me capture these moments.
Thumb freddy rodriguez paris effel tour
It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tour of course. This moment was extra special because the entire day had been gray and then just minutes before this photo the sky opened up and became the perfect shade of blue. A true beauty Paris is sunny! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez paris house
If you haven’t been to the cute street of Rue Cremiux in Paris, don’t feel bad. Neither had I before this visit. Now that I have, I highly recommend any color enthusiast to visit asap!
Thumb freddy rodriguez paris cafe
As for the corners of Paris, each one is just as charming as most of their colorful doors. I found myself trying a new cafe each day. They are so charming!
Thumb freddy rodriguez paris blue building
Like I said, this street is so cute. I obviously couldn’t miss a picture with this oh so blue house. It is practically asking me to move in.
Thumb freddy rodriguez paris location
This sort of secret garden in the center of Paris is always a must for me. The photos pretty much make themselves. The Palais-Royal is where I found myself spending two of my days catching up with friends. A place that I could probably frequent weekly if I lived in Paris. 

To live in Paris is actually a thought I think about quite often. Just for a few months during the summer. When the sun is out until 10 pm, everyone is happy and there are so many destinations within France that are so close by. This is for sure on my bucket list! 

What are your favorite moments in Paris or France for that matter? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear about them!

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