Sorry for my delayed response might as well have been the start to all of my emails since the start of August.

Blue Perk Moment Update: Sorry For My Delayed Response

Sorry for my delayed response might as well have been the start to all of my emails since the start of August.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 01. December 2018 at 07:06 pm

Sorry for my delayed response might as well be the anthem for my past 4 months. Life has been a whirlwind. August was filled with traveling moments throughout Europe. I had tons of fun visiting Amsterdam for their Pride celebration, Berlin to party, Mallorca for much needed vacation, Sicily to visit a friend, and Amalfi Coast for more vacation moments. 5 weeks of traveling was a dream. Surely a dream I could not have even imagined doing as a kid growing up in south Texas. 
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Thumb freddy rodriguez visits berlin wall

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After my 5 weeks in Europe, my traveling wasn’t over. During the month of September, I traveled to Dominican Republic for Punta Cana Pride and then to Tulsa, Oklahoma to discover what locals are calling a renaissance within Tulsa. Each destination offered unique moments.
Thumb freddy rodriguez at tulsa okahoma mural
Thumb freddy rodriguez on a boat in punta cana
Fast forward to October, I went over to the west coast for two weeks. Spent a week in Los Angeles and a week in Joshua Tree. The sunshine moments were everything I needed to keep summer alive!
Thumb freddy rodriguez at venice beach rainbow lifegaurd 
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When I finally returned to New York City during the middle of October, I was so ready just to be home and relax. 2018 has been my busiest year traveling. It was my 2017 resolution to travel more in 2018 and it’s funny how we always should be careful what we wish for. At the end of all my travels, all I wanted to do is to travel more. I had lost my routine that I had in NYC and missed that energy that comes from traveling. 
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Due to my wanderlust, I booked a trip to Toronto for a week to visit a new friend that I made in Dominican Republic and then went home to south Texas for Thanksgiving. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez visits toronto canada
Thumb freddy rodriguez in corpus christi ocean drive
Then just like that, here we are in December and I feel like the past 4 months have literally been a blur! If you follow my Instagram I’ve had certain moments where I didn't post for more than 4 days when I was in NYC between my travels and that’s because I didn’t feel motivated. I needed time for myself to disconnect. Really take a break. Having the opportunities that I do, working as an influencer full-time is a career which I love. Though, I do also need times to disconnect.
Thumb freddy rodriguez at oculus mural 

Going into the new year, I’m thinking about how to love myself and to continue sharing colorful Blue Perk Moments. Sharing the positive energy we all need in our daily lives. Positive energy is so important! So often I feel we forget that each of us carriers energy and our energy impacts others energy. That’s why I want to only share happy, uplifting, smiling, and colorful moments that radiate positive energy! 
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As always, I can not thank you all enough for following along my journey.  Leave me a question in the comments below or find me on Instagram @BluePerk

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