Without a doubt, there are so many beautiful street art murals in Brooklyn. These are my top 5 favorites at the moment.

5 Best Brooklyn Murals

Without a doubt, there are so many beautiful street art murals in Brooklyn. These are my top 5 favorites at the moment.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 11. August 2017 at 05:30 am

Starting in my neighborhood of Bushwick, there is an over abundance of murals to be discovered. The most popular are The Bushwick Collective, though if you take some time to walk around the neighborhood you will be surprised to find new sections replicating the same collection of murals. A sure way to bring in tourist to the now booming neighborhood.

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This mural, in particular, is found off of the Knickerbocker M subway station, where there is a new series of art working popping up on what seems like the daily. I’m constantly taking new running paths on my way to the gym in hopes of discovering a new gem for shooting. 

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That is how I found this blue beauty. The perfect backdrop for my husband and I to take a photo for a recent sock campaign we are in. You can read more about this fun project on my Instagram

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Another tip when looking for walls, don't assume they’re always going to pop out at you. This location is actually a Popeyes near my apartment. When my husband and I were out walking looking for inspiration one day, we fell in love with this frame. A place very easily by passed by locals and me alike, was our framing for this pretty picture. 

Thumb freddy rodriguez dumbo brooklyn

Then there are some locations like this one in Dumbo, Brooklyn that is a staple for any colorful blogger. I’m sure you’ve all probably seen some part of this mural one time or another and didn’t even know it. That is what I love about murals is you can take a piece of it and make it what you want. There are so many different interpretations when it comes to art. This piece of what is actually a block long mural just worked perfectly for this outfit. 

Thumb freddy rodriguez dumbo street style

While some other locations require a bit more of creativity when thinking about how to use them for photos. This wall is also in Dumbo, located right by the water front. My husband and I found the old factory doors to be a nice contrast and addition to our walls. Making for a unique photo that feels one of a kind. 

If you ever wonder where I take a photo, don’t hesitate to ask. I would love to see how you create your own #BluePerkMoment

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