What is a Blue Perk Moment?

To keep it simple, a Blue Perk Moment is an inspiring colorful image captured from your everyday life. There are so many colors all around us, and if you’re like me, you like to capture them in photos. That is why I created the hashtag #BluePerkMoment on Instagram to share all of my colorful and perky moments in one place. A place where anyone else that feels inspired by color can also share their photos using the hashtag for others to get inspired. Here are some of my recent Blue Perk Moments: 

Thumb freddy rodriguez comme des garcons sweater
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Sweater: Comme des Garcons/ Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Cuff: Giles & Brother

Thumb freddy rodriguez givenchy shirt
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Shirt: Givenchy/ Jeans: DSTLD/ Shoes: Church’s/ Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Cuff: Giles & Brother

Thumb freddy rodriguez abercrombie shirt
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Shirt: Abercrombie/ Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger/ Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger/ Sunglasses: Triwa 

Thumb freddy rodriguez farah menswear shorts
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Shirt: Gap/ Shorts: Farah Menswear/ Shoes: Tretorn/ Watch: Timex

Thumb freddy rodriguez astro sixty shirt
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Shirt: Astro Sixty/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Sunglasses: Toms

Thumb freddy rodriguez bushwick
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Shirt: Calvin Klein/ Shorts: Kenneth Cole/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Now by this point you must think a #BluePerkMoment must only be cool walls. Though colorful walls are something I really love, there is much more color to our everyday lives like: 

Thumb freddy rodriguez ralph lauren shirt
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Shirt: Ralph Lauren/ Shorts: Abercrombie/ Sunglasses: Zenni Optical 

Going sailing is such a Blue Perk Moment with the blue ocean and sky, there is an overload of color when it comes to the ocean. Which becomes even more beautiful at sunset or sunrise. 😉

Thumb freddy rodriguez national ice cream day
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Shirt: Primark/ Shorts: Grana/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Watch: Daniel Wellington 

An ice cream truck is a total Blue Perk Moment too. Especially if you get a cherry dipped ice-cream cone!

Thumb freddy rodriguez merrell outdoors shoes
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Shirt: Fourlaps/ Shorts: Adidas/ Shoes: Merrell 

Everyday outdoor activities have so much color naturally to be captured!

Thumb freddy rodriguez origins skin care
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Sunscreen: Origins/ Briefs: Calvin Klein 

Now you may think this is a stretch, but the goal for #BluePerkMoment is to have fun with color. Even if you’re holding a leaf in front of your camera like my husband was in this photo, to create depth and add that extra pop of color needed for this image to really stand out. 

Whatever you find colorful and inspiring from your daily life deserves to be shared and appreciated by others who have the same passion!