New Years Resolution to Discover New Roads in Chevy Traverse

When it comes to starting a New Year, setting New Year resolutions are always fun. The goal is always to set achievable goals and some aspirational. Luckily in Los Angeles there is so much to discover within just a two hour radius. That is why I love being able to discover new roads in Chevy vehicles. One of my goals for 2022 was to discover the beautiful town of Ojai. Less than two hours outside of LA is the cutest mountain town with the most delicious food and the kindest of locals. There is even a destination called Meditation Mountain where you can meditate if you choose to or you can go just to enjoy the beautiful sunset. 

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For this adventure out to Ojai, Chevy loaned me their 2022 Chevy Traverse. Such a perfect vehicle with so much space for me and my friends to comfortable cruise out to majestic Ojai. 

The best part that I always enjoy when driving Chevy is all of the advanced features from wireless Car Play that syncs my phone with navigation and music. Allowing me to set the mood of the drive and focus on the road without even having to look at my phone. 

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Then when it comes to parking. The cameras are a game changer for anyone who hasn’t used a vehicle with 360 cameras. You will understand having cameras is a total game changer! I can’t imagine driving now without being able to see my distance with a camera. The front facing camera is one that I particularly like for the Traverse. Since the Traverse is a bit larger than my usual SUV or sedan. I take a minute to adjust to the new distance, yet with the Traverse, the front facing camera always allows me to see how far or close I am from other vehicles when parking. Everything! 

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Thumb freddy rodriguez loves ojai 2Thumb freddy rodriguez loves ojai 3Thumb freddy rodriguez loves ojai 5After spending an full day of cruising out to the Ojai mountains for a hike then sampling some of the local cuisine and of course enjoying the beautiful sunset at Meditation Mountain it was time to return home from day trip to Ojai. 

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On the way home, using the cruise control to help on the 1 hour and 20 minute drive home was a game changer! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to cruise home on the empty freeway. 

Just like that from LA to Ojai and back in a day thanks to Chevy for always helping me discover new roads and checking off one of my New Year resolutions!