Blue Perk GIFs

In case you follow me on Instagram (which I think you should if you’re reading this, just saying), I’ve started to create GIFs in an effort to add movement to my every day colorful posts. Since in case you don’t know, Instagram is trying to push video content. I have to play along with their ever-changing algorithm and find different ways to create video posts that I feel comfortable with sharing. As much as I’d love to do full-length videos, the production time and cost behind one without the budget is quite expensive. I don’t know how to edit video… there is also that. So for now, I am having fun creating GIFs.
Thumb freddy rodriguez gif
The GIFs are pretty much a series of 13 photos or so (depending on how many I need), that are layered one on top of another in Photoshop and then speeded up a few seconds between each frame. Making a pretty cool moving image if I’m walking or doing something silly, or I’ve been having fun changing the colors in the background of the many colorful walls I take photos in front of move. The options are endless depending on how much I push to get creative. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez gif 1
What type of GIFs would you like for me to create? For fun, I’ve linked to a few of my favorite GIFs I’ve posted so far if you have noticed yet. Go back and click each time I wrote GIF for a new fun moment. Also, as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or slide into my DM on Instagram! 😉