Best Reiss Slim Fit Winter Coat

This blog post was originally shared January of 2015:
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Happy New Year everyone! Excuse my break, I went to the mountains here in Germany for some clarity over the holiday season. While preparing for my trip to Harz Mountains where the weather was below 0 celsius, it was important for me to pack accordingly. While this outfit may not look so warm, heat tech long johns were my best friend allowing me to feel comfortable in this sleek REISS COAT

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Thumb freddy rodriguez harz style

Getting to the point of my break, I had so much fun exploring Harz Mountains with new friends and experiencing snow in a nature setting for my first time. Being on a Insta photo walk in the middle of mountains with snow is something I encourage any nature enthusiast to experience. It is so exciting to go out with like minded people all interested in capturing something different, but all see the beauty around them. 

I made sure to wear appropriate boots that I was more than surprised kept my feet warm and dry from the fresh snow. So yes, some fashion shoes can be worn in a nature setting as well. Just like my fashion coat that was my final layer over thermal, sweater, light thermal jacket, and finally my SLIM COAT. Making for a comfortable outfit while hiking through the woods without giving up my personal style. Even in the woods, I like to dress up. 😉

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday and New Years with your family and loved ones. I decided to take a week long break, but am looking forward to sharing so much in 2015. My first starts tomorrow as I head to Istanbul for a week and then I go to the Philippines for the month of February! Have an amazing Monday everyone. 

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Outfit Credits: 
Coat and sweater: REISS/ Jeans: Paige Denim/ Shoes: Vagabond/ Beanie: Original Penguin 

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photographed by: @PAMUKAK