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Gat Rossio Lisbon City Guide

My friends over at Gat Rooms have asked me to help visitors get aquatinted with the beautiful city of Lisbon while staying in their Gat Rossio Hotel location.

Tourist Guide: How to Enjoy Boracay on a Budget

Deciding on what island to visit in the Philippines is hard, especially when there is 7,107 to choose from (only 2,000 are inhabited so there is plenty for the taking ;). When I was deciding on which to visit, partying and of course leisure played a factor into my decision making which is how I ended up choosing Boracay.

Best Quick Guide to Manila, Philippines

When visiting one of the 7,107 islands the Philippines has to offer and your layover has you in Manila. I recommend spending a day or two (at most) exploring the city before jetting off to your beachside holiday.

How to make the most of 3 days in Florence, Italy

What to do in Florence with only three days is a tough decision, but if you’re willing to rise early and put your walking shoes on. You can see a lot more than you would probably expect and still have time for a GELATO break (or two)!

Tips for Traveling Through Venice in November

A city with many canals also comes with lots of bridges to keep in mind while packing.