A city with many canals also comes with lots of bridges to keep in mind while packing.

Tips for Traveling Through Venice in November

A city with many canals also comes with lots of bridges to keep in mind while packing.

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Posted on: 04. July 2017 at 11:51 pm

This blog post was originally shared fall of 2014:
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In addition to my first post, WHAT TO WEAR IN VENICE DURING NOVEMBER, I would like add how to travel through Venice comfortably. A city with many canals also comes with lots of bridges to keep in mind while packing. 

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Venice in November can be slightly chilly, but nothing more than a warm sweater and light jacket, plus a beanie if your ears get cold like mine usually do. This means you don’t need to stuff your suitcase with coats and you don’t need more than one carry on sized suitcase that you’ll be happy that you lightly packed. Unless you don’t mind spending the hefty tourist fee for a water taxi that’ll take you to your accommodations dock. The ideal way is to enjoy your walk through beautiful Venice to your AIRBNBHOSTEL, or hotel from either the train station or airport. Now this is only enjoyable if you aren’t carrying a hefty suitcase full of clothes you probably don’t need. This is why I stress wearing your warm pieces on your flight or train ride over, and packing only interchangeable options for your stay in Venice. Since only November - March are the cold months, this is the only time you’ll have to worry about how to pack for traveling through/ to Venice. Because lets be honest, the summer months we all love embracing shorts and even lighter layers that could easily fit into a backpack. 

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I was also lucky enough to have EASTPAK provide me with their extremely convenient four wheeled suitcase that is Ryanair and Easyjet approved (this is huge for us European travelers ;). Now for anyone that hasn’t used a four wheeled suitcase, get ready for your traveling life to be changed!! I am not kidding, I used to think there was no difference until I used Eastpak’s suitcase for the last two weeks traveling through Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples. In each of these old cities with their cobble stones. Four wheels are better than two. 

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Outfit Credits: 
Jacket: Original Penguin/ Shirt: Club Monaco/ Pants: Vineyard Vines/ Shoes: TOMS/ Suitcase: EASTPAK/ Hat: Qilo/ Watch: Casio/ Bracelets: Men in Cities

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Photographed by: MARC

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