Providence, Rhode Island knows how to celebrate Pride!

Providence PrideFest Moments

Providence, Rhode Island knows how to celebrate Pride!

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 27. June 2018 at 07:44 pm

For my first time during the month of June I got to experience Providence, Rhode island's Pride celebration called PrideFest. It's a weekend long celebration that really surprised me as I had never been before and didn't know what to expect. I was invited by the tourism board of Providence to experience their PrideFest which kicks off on Friday night with block parties. Then on Saturday night they have an illuminated night parade which was a really cool experience as I've never experienced a night Pride parade. Then after the parade, they have a huge block party that reminded me so much of circuit parties in Barcelona. Everyone was out! You'd never guess the entire population of Rhode Island is only just over a million. 

Let me back up and preface a bit of the trip. After just my first night out, I quickly felt that Providence knew how to throw a fun Pride party different from New York City. Since the city is much smaller, they are able to close off streets in front of some of their most popular gay venues for block parties. Which is something I don't get to experience in NYC. Thumb freddy rodriguez in providence 2Before going out to celebrate the PrideFest block parties. We were shown around some cool bars that offered a little something for everyone. My favorite was called Free Play Bar Arcade. Where you only pay cover to enter and get to play all the games without quarters allowing you to fulfill your hearts gaming desire! 

Fastforward to Saturday during the day before the illuminated night parade. There is an entire area by the river blocked off for music, drinks, and all the fun Pride moments. It reminded me of a carnival, but with a gay theme which is so much better! It was so cool to see so many people of the LGBTQ+ community in one area all supporting each other! It was a reminder why we celebrate. How important it is to stand up for equality! There is so much more to Pride than partying! It's to continue spreading acceptance to youth and many who feel afraid they won't be accepted. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez in providence 1Though, party is a big part that I really enjoy. As I said, PrideFest has Friday and Saturday night block parties. Both of which are a lot of fun. Saturday is the best, so I'd recommend saving your energy to go out until the sun rises if you find the right after party! ;)
Thumb freddy rodriguez in providence wall photoThere are also some cool walls if you look for them! I couldn't do a blog post without sharing some cool walls! This one was a huge mural just across from one of their popular gay bars!
Thumb freddy rodriguez at pridefest in providence rhode islandI hope everyone has had a fun and safe Pride! I can't wait until next year to celebrate again!! 

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