Reliving some of my favorite moments while traveling in Thailand.

One Amazing Day in Krabi, Thailand

Reliving some of my favorite moments while traveling in Thailand.

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Posted on: 04. April 2014 at 01:09 pm

This blog post was originally shared April of 2014:
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Okay, okay. At this point you all may be wondering why I am still sharing my photos from my trip to Thailand from like two weeks ago. Personally I am mentally still there, but also I want to share all of my experiences with you all as best captured through photos. These images can only share so much of my experience, but I can hope they help inspire or guide you to visit Thailand or any exotic place you’ve been debating on visiting. Lastly though, I still consider my blog a journal and I definitely don’t ever want to loose my photos or experiences. 

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As the title states, this was one amazing day in Krabi, right up there in battle with 2 DAYS SOUTH OF KRABI, THAILAND as my favorite day while in Thailand. This day was filled with sunrise to sunset excitement. I was lucky enough to stay at Sofitel Luxury Hotel which was located directly on the ocean, so of course had to start my day with a sunrise run along the beach. Which was then followed by another kayaking trip to visit Lod Cave and Phi hua To Cave in Ban Bo To Ao Ruk town. This was an experience I recommend anyone and everyone to enjoy filled with  fun kayak adventure out to the caves, plus seeing the caves are pretty cool too. After a quick lunch break it was off to see Klung Cave real quick (not pictures above), before being surprised by our hotel with a private speed boat tour of three islands off their coast. We visited Hong Island, Paradise Island, and Pak Bia island. Each offering another breathe taking view, before being taken to an unnamed island where we were greeted with back massages, food, a fire show, and a magical lantern lighting in which we were able to grant one wish upon letting go of our lantern into the night sky. So do you see why this day was so amazing? Simply said, I think this day is my favorite. ;)

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Locations Visited: 

  • Sofitel Luxury Hotel
  • Lod Cave (highly recommend kayak visit)
  • Phi hua To Cave (highly recommend kayak visit)
  • Klung Cave
  • Hong Island
  • Paradise Island (must visit for swimming)
  • Pak Bia Island

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Hope you enjoyed another entry. There are only two more, and I’ll be releasing them this weekend to close my chapter in Thailand. 

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