During my recent trip to Southeast Asia, I had one last chance for summer style.

Last Summer Hoorah

During my recent trip to Southeast Asia, I had one last chance for summer style.

Let's talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit 3 countries in just 10 days apart of the Association of Southeast Asain Nations 50th anniversary. That's what I was able to take part in just as summer was coming to an end in NYC, I was able to extend the warm just a bit longer. My trip took me to Lombok, Indonesia, Singapore and Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia. The weather was steamy and just what the doctor ordered for me to get a solid tan before winter fully arrived in NYC. Relive my favorite moments through an outfit I wore each day during my travels. 
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Shirt & shorts: Boohooman/ Sandals: 2(x)ist 

This was my first stop on the beautiful island of Lombok. Where I was staying at a resort that had the entire cove to itself and my bungalow had its own private pool. Talk about luxury goals. I could have stayed there the entire trip, but we only had one full day there. 
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Shorts: 2(x)ist/ Sunglasses: Triwa

During my first full day on Lombok, we went beach hopping. This one, in particular, was just so pretty and had almost nobody using it. A real treat!  
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Shirt: Boohoo man/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Sunglasses: Toms 

At my second hotel in Lombok, we switched to a different side of the island that was so quiet and had hidden gems just off the shore. 
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Swimwear: 2(x)ist

At first, I was sad to have left my first resort in Lombok, but after arriving at the secluded islands that were just a short boat ride off the shore from my new hotel. I was quickly happy again. You know, it's a hard life when one site is not as pretty as the last. ;) 
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Sunglasses: Toms/ Shirt: Boohoo man/ Shorts: ASOS

On my last day on Lombok, I came across this wall just as we were done visiting a pearl farm. Coincidentally the wall matched my outfit just perfectly. That is something I try really hard to do and during this trip, it was a real challenge not knowing what I would find at each stop. 
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Shirt & shorts: American Eagle/ Sunglasses: Toms

This was actually taken on the same day as my red swimsuit outfit above as we were taking a lunch break. Before this trip, I thought I didn't like fish, but actually, I just don't like bad fish. Because every time they prepared us fresh fish I was so impressed by how good it tasted!
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Shirt: Boohoo Man/ Shorts: Banana Republic/ Shoes: Tretorn/ Sunglasses: Toms 

After Lombok, Indonesia my second stop was to the vibrant city of Singapore. A city I didn't know much about before visiting and quickly fell in love with all of the colors and amazing architecture. This building is found in Little India. Though the area is a total melting pot of culture and cuisine! 
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Shirt: Boohoo man/ Shorts: Levi/ Shoes: Tretorn/ Watch: Daniel Wellington/ Cuff: Giles & Brother

If Singapore wasn't already cool enough, they even have the tallest indoor waterfall apart of their cloud forest. The architecture of the building itself is unreal. Every turn is another photo opportunity! 
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Shirt: American Eagle/ Shorts: Levis/ Shoes: Tretorn/ Sunglasses: Toms

Though as much as I love Singapore, the one thing I must warn is that it can get extremely hot! If you look closely at my shirt, you can see the sweat around my chest area. The humidity is what is the issue, but even with the extreme heat. I still would highly recommend visiting! 
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Shirt: ASOS/ Shorts: Levi/ Shoes: Adidas/ Sunglasses: Triwa

One quick throwback to Lombok, I had forgotten to share this post early on. So figured why not share this epic location. Like I mentioned, almost nobody at some of their most beautiful beaches! I really want to come back again for my second honeymoon. 
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Glasses: Zenni Optical/ Shirt: Thrifted/ Shorts: Abercrombie/ Shoes: Tretorn 

At this point in my travels, I'm pretty exhausted from flying over 21 hours to Southeast Asia and moving to a new location every day. It's day 5 and I'm now in Melaka, Malaysia. Which was a few hour drive from Singapore. The jetlag was catching up to me at this point. On this day I took the second half of day to relax . 
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Shirt & pants: American Eagle

After some much needed relaxing in Melaka, we then took another few hour drive to the amazing city of Kuala Lumpur! Where there was a lot of cool architecture, but their PETRONAS Towers were the most amazing. Though, yet again the heat was blaring and believe me. It took me a lot to wear pants for this photo before dinner. 
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Shirt: Boohoo Man/ Shorts: Grana/ Shoes: Toms/ Sunglasses: Zenni Optical 

Finally, after another couple of hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, we made it to the island city of Penang, Malaysia. Where there was such a cool mixture of Chinatown, Little India, and English influence. The best part for me was we were back on Island and I could spend my last day by the sea. 10 days were far too fast for me, but a taste of each country now only leaves me hungry to visit again! Until next time when I hope to spend at least 10 days or more in each country! ;)

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