Last year during a paid campaign, internet trolls bullied me on a Facebook post comment section.

Internet Trolls Need To Take A Hard Moment

Last year during a paid campaign, internet trolls bullied me on a Facebook post comment section.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 12. February 2020 at 12:25 pm

Thumb freddy rodriguez loves arc whitening 4I’m writing this blog post to open up about one of the side effects of sharing my life publicly as many others do on the internet. The Facebook post I was bullied on was for a teeth whitening campaign that I did last year. I thought the image was super fun and colorful for being taken inside of a Target. Although, the trolls weren’t commenting about my shirt selection or photo location. The internet trolls who bullied me were commenting about my large ears and crooked smile. You can read all of their derogative comments below. 
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Luckily, I have a thick skin and I didn’t allow the comments to stick. The comments did hurt a bit as you can imagine. For me to know so many strangers who don’t know me were making fun of me and sharing my post with their friends to laugh at my expense felt quite shitty. 

Thanks to my thick skin, I chose not to respond to any of the comments. Well, thick skin and I didn’t want to fan the trolls flames that might have caused arguing. Again, luckily, there were a few people who decided to stand up for me and defended my appearance. The responses I read from the individuals who decided to support really lifted my spirit for humanity. 

In our current day of everyone trying to be politically correct, there is no space for internet trolls. If it didn’t happen to me personally, I wouldn’t believe there were so many mean hearted people who get their laughs off of other peoples looks and success. 

If you’ve ever been trolled. I am so sorry! You did not deserve it!

If you have ever trolled. JUST STOP! There is no need for your negativity. Life is too short. Learn to love yourself and others!

I’ve been meaning to share this story for quite some time and now that I’ve finally shared my trolling experience. I thank those of you who believe in me and continue to be apart of my journey! I would not have the life I have right now without you all! 

The biggest take away from getting trolled is, that I am the one who is getting employed by a company who believes in me enough to boost my image in association with their brand. The trolls are hiding behind their computer or cellphone making fun of me, while I’m laughing my way all the way to the bank and continuing my life as a positive individual who prides himself on lifting others up. Not bringing them down for no reason! Honestly, I just have no energy for trolls. Their comments are just added engagement! ;)

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