Just 20 minutes away from my hometown of Robstown, Texas is the nearest place for me to call a city.

My home city of Corpus Christi, Texas

Just 20 minutes away from my hometown of Robstown, Texas is the nearest place for me to call a city.

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Posted on: 17. January 2018 at 07:47 pm

After almost two weeks of traveling through Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio my husband and I finally made it to Corpus Christi for the holidays. Not exactly my hometown of Robstown, but Corpus is the closest city and is where my sister just recently bought a new house. While visiting my mom and sister for the Christmas and New Years holidays, we chose to stay in Corpus instead of Robstown for a bit more of convenience city life offers. 

Growing up I lived on farmland outside of the small town of Robstown with a population of only 12 thousand and there aren’t any conveniences within short walking distance. This being my husbands first time to where I grew up, I didn’t want to shock him too much by staying in the middle of nowhere where my mom still lives. Corpus Christi may not be a bustling city like Austin or Dallas, but there is some charm when the weather is sunny and not too hot. There is the Bayfront and Padre Island only 30 minutes away from city center. Those are the places we frequented most for photos. Though we did not get lucky with the weather, it was really cold (for Texas standards) during our visit. So if we weren’t quickly taking photos by the Bayfront or some cool wall we found while driving around, we were either eating or watching a movie at the budget-friendly Starplex movie theater for only $5.50. At those prices, I felt like Oprah being able to get my entire family movie tickets. Considering in NYC, average one movie ticket is $18 or so.
Thumb freddy rodriguez corpus christi bayfrontThumb freddy rodriguez at corpus christi texas bay front

Even though there isn’t much to do after the first three days in Corpus, my favorite part of going home besides seeing my family is to indulge in eating fluffy flour tortillas from Hi-Ho Restaurant. It’s where I grew up eating as a child. It’s so bad for you, but also so good! If I was to have stayed living in Corpus, I for sure would have a Texas sized belly bump. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez and timur kurbanov new year kissThumb freddy rodriguez in corpus christi texasThumb freddy rodriguez discovers corpus christi texas art
Luckily, I made my move to NYC and only get to enjoy the delicious food once a year. My husband said our time in Corpus was mostly revolved around when we would eat, which is sort of true. So in-between eating, we found some pretty cool walls. Some at places I would never think twice to take a photo of when growing up, but now returning with fresh eyes it was fun to rediscover my home city.
Thumb freddy rodriguez buying fireworks n robstown texas
One of three major highlights during our trip was New Years Eve celebration. Being in Texas, with lots of land at our disposal. As a child I would always pop fireworks for New Years, so I thought it would be fun to pop fireworks together with my husband and my family at midnight to start the New Year like I used to. Even though it was a cold and windy night, it was a lot of fun to pop fireworks together. Especially to see how my nephew was so happy and excited like I used to be when I was his age. It was a New Year celebration to remember indeed! Not spent in a club like I do so frequently any other weekend back in NYC or when traveling elsewhere. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez and timur kurbanov at padre island
The second highlight was getting to visit Padre Island National Seashore with my husband and Mom one of the few sunny days at the end of our trip. Our return flight to NYC got canceled twice due to a snowstorm and on the first day, we took advantage of our extra time to play in the sand dunes. A fun fact is Padre Island is the world's longest barrier island
Thumb freddy rodriguez riding a horse in texas
Our third highlight on our second extended day due to our flight being canceled was getting to ride a horse at my aunt's ranch. It was Tim’s first time to ride a horse, and he instantly fell in love. He was literally was riding around for 30 minutes. He quickly became a natural. For me, I mostly did it for the photo. The horse wasn’t interested in doing what I told him to do. 

Then just like that, 13 days flew by and my husband is now officially apart of my family. He has seen Texas from north to south and now all we need is some proper sunshine and warmth the next time we visit. 

If you have any questions about what else to do in Corpus Christi or Robstown, don’t hesitate to ask! As always, leave a comment or find me on Instagram. 

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K&E at the 12.02.2018 - 03:22

Stunning photos! Lucky you to have an aunt with such beautiful horses. Xoxo, K&E

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