Yee-haw cowboy! Let’s do this!

4 Days in Dallas at The Adolphus Hotel

Yee-haw cowboy! Let’s do this!

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 10. January 2018 at 10:48 am

First things first, to make the most out of only 4 days in the bustling city of Dallas/ Fort Worth. I would recommend staying somewhere central for easy mobility by car and Uber or Lyft. The city is not public transportation friendly, but Uber and Lyft are super cheap compared to NYC for long distance. I highly recommend renting a car for day actives and using Uber or Lyft when going out and plan to drink. Drinking and driving is always a BIG no, no! 

We had the pleasure of staying at a historic downtown Dallas hotel, The Adolphus Hotel. Dating back to 1912 as Dallas first luxury hotel with very recent restorations and renovations, my husband and I quickly felt at home. Especially thanks to the staffs unmistakable Texas hospitality. It’s rare when I am greeted by my name at the door of a hotel by a person I have never met. Though that was exactly the situation at The Adolphus.
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I instantly fell in love with their lounge area with such lush couch and decorations for the holiday season. The best part is, there is natural overhead lighting from their skylight which is ideal for photos. This location is so photogenic, their blue couch even has its own hashtag, #TheAdolphusBlueCouch.
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Our first night in Dallas was conveniently a Saturday which we spent exploring the gay bar/club scene that was only a $7 Uber from The Adolphus Hotel. The gay nightlife is usually my first stop in almost any city I haven’t been in. I love to see how different cities enjoy their gay nightlife. 

We visited JR’s and The Round-Up Saloon, both of which were huge and extremely cheap compared to NYC! Unfortunately for us, it was raining extremely hard the night we went out and the crowd wasn’t popping like we expected, but we were told by 11:30 pm on most Saturday’s there is usually always a huge crowd dancing on the Texas-sized dance floor. And for those that want to explore more options, there are is a mega club on the same street called Station 4. Then for those that like things a bit more raw there is The Tin Room and The Dallas Eagle.
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After our first night out, I was more than ready to enjoy more of The Adolphus Hotels amenities. The gym was my first stop. Since I already planned to be eating everything delicious that Texas has to offer, it was most important for me to work-off the extra calories as much possible.
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Following my gym session was a much deserved personal pampering session in my rooms massive bathroom. You could say one day spent just relaxing in the hotel could easily be done. Though on our second day was spent exploring Deep Ellum Neighborhood. Which is conveniently accessible by The Adolphus complimentary 3-mile radius car service.
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I instantly fell in love with this neighborhood which is like a mixture of St. Marks place in NYC and Bushwhick Art Collective. Where you can find an endless amount of murals that make me wish they were in my own backyard for shooting and so many delicious restaurant options. Reviews recommend Pecan Lodge for BBQ and they are 100% accurate! There might be a 30 plus or so minute wait on a regular day, but it is totally worth it! Or if you get lucky like my husband and I did, go on a heavy rainy day and there will be no wait at all. Just keep in mind they’re closed on Monday and except for Friday and Saturday, they close at 3 pm. I learned that the hard way Sunday night when all I wanted was BBQ.
Thumb freddy rodriguez and timur kurbanov modern art musuem of fort worth
On our third day, we took a day trip to Fort Worth to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth which is only about 45 minutes from The Adolphus without traffic. This trip is painless enough as long you pay attention to your GPS closely. The best part is you get to see all of the massive freeway intersections… lol. The museum itself is a work of art, in addition, the many cool pieces inside too. I would say 3 or 4 hours for the museum and then spend the rest of time exploring Fort Worth area.
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For the fourth day, we went back to Deep Ellum to take more outfit photos and leisurely explore the area some more. There are so many neat locations, it’s fun to just walk up and down each street following where your eye takes you!
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Four days surely isn’t enough to see everything in Dallas, but I sure do feel I had a great time exploring from my home base at The Adolphus Hotel and can’t wait to visit again! 

If you have any questions about my stay or recommendation on Dallas, leave me a comment below or on my Instagram.

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