North Hollywood charm at its best. Only minutes away from all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Experience The Garland Hotel

North Hollywood charm at its best. Only minutes away from all that Los Angeles has to offer.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 13. February 2018 at 12:52 pm

This post is in partnership with The Garland Hotel. My stay was complimentary, but my thoughts reflect solely how my experience was during my stay at the end of January 2018. 

For me, the charm of visiting a new hotel and making it my home while traveling never gets old. Checking in, discovering the hotel's design, and then arriving in my room to see what my view might be. That is what gets me excited! The Garland is no exception, based off of their photos online. I was very excited to discover their boutique hotel retro Hollywood charm. 
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Located in North Hollywood, just off of the 101 freeway. The Garland Hotel has a lot to offer besides their cool rooms from their spacious pool to their restaurant, The Front Yard.   
Thumb freddy rodriguez at garland hotel poolI’d highly recommend trying their Nutella stuffed french toast! It is almost quite literally mouthwatering! 
Thumb breakfast at the garland hotel
During my stay, I was running between Hollywood for meetings and the Valley to see my family. Being situated just off of the 101 freeway could not have been better. Though if you’re coming from Hollywood and don’t want to take the freeway during rush hour. Go through the Hollywood hills if you don’t mind a few curves. This is something I learned when Google accidentally took me through this type of route which was faster during rush hour. The scenic route was totally cool for a tourist like me. I’d also highly recommend Mulholland Drive at night for one of the best scenic views of L.A. from the hills. 

Speaking of the hills, you can see them from most of the balconies at The Garland Hotel
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What really won me at The Garland Hotel is their comfortable bed and being quiet at moments that matter most (nights and mornings). The staff was always helpful and I couldn’t be more happy to have The Garland as one of my homes away from home while I was visiting Los Angeles. Who knows, I might be visiting L.A. more often. Keep your finger crossed for me. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez at the garland hotel
Thumb garland hotel living roomThumb the garland hotel room 1Thumb the garland hotel room 2
As always, if you have any questions about The Garland Hotel or about my stay in L.A. Feel free to leave a comment or find me on Instagram. :) 

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