No words can fully explain how much fun I had in Mexico for Jose Cuervo's music festival Akamba!

Guadalajara & Tequila Moments

No words can fully explain how much fun I had in Mexico for Jose Cuervo's music festival Akamba!

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 26. June 2018 at 06:26 pm

Literally lived all the most fun moments in Guadalajara and Tequila, Mexico with Jose Cuervo for their first music festival called Akamba! Let me preface this blog post with I've been on quite a few press trips where experiences are cool, but never one quite like this one where tequila was flowing like water and everyone got along like they'd known each other for years. 

This trip started off with me and two fellow influencers getting delayed in Dallas for 6 hours due to our flight having computer issues in NYC. So we missed our connecting flight to Guadalajara and that is when the bonding experiences began. The three of us went to one of the lounges in Dallas and started to enjoy ourselves a few Jose Cuervo margaritas while we waiting for our flight to Guadalajara. Fast forward a few drinks later the three of us were really good friends and finally making our way to Mexico. Where upon arrival to the hotel, The Jose Cuervo team was so nice they greeted us with shots and then took us out to a nearby restaurant with live music. That was just night one of three. 

The next day we explore Guadalajara for the day with our tour guide and I fell in love with all of the colors everywhere and many beautiful walls! The many cool shops that are in the markets and along the streets. There were so many beautiful moments to take in! 

Thumb freddy rodriguez in guadalajara mexico at wall
Thumb freddy rodriguez in guadalajara mexico
Thumb freddy rodriguez loving guadalajara tequila
After exploring Guadalajara it was time to take the Jose Cuervo Express train to the town of Tequila! Yes! There is a town called Tequila! This is where the moments I will probably never live again begin. In each cart of the train there was a different music experience from country, jazz, or electronic (my favorite). We were going through the agave fields surrounded by hills being served unlimited amount of delicious tequila drinks and food. The level of being present in the moment could not have been more real! Thumb freddy rodriguez taking jose cuervo express trainThumb freddy rodriguez taking jose cuervo express train bottleAfter arriving to Tequila we had some free time to relax before going to our welcome party with a few other VIP's that were in town for the music festival. This is where we all got to meet so many other cool influencers and creative artist! Everyone was so nice! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez visit jose cuervo distilerry agaveThumb freddy rodriguez visit jose cuervo distilerryThe next day (Saturday), we were given a tour of Jose Cuervo's distillery, which was super cool. Literally were tequila dreams come true! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez in tequila mexico at poolAfter we had some more downtime to enjoy the pool at our hotel which had an amazing view of the surrounding agave fields. My tan was so on point then too! I'm wishing to get that tan back right now! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez in tequila mexicoThen Saturday night we made our way over to AKAMBA music festival which was in the Jose Cuervo agave field! Which is probably one of the coolest places you can have a music festival. We arrived there just before sunset and stayed until 4 am! Which is also so wild! The festival went all the way until 5 am. Mexico sure knows how to party! I loved every single minute!!
Thumb freddy rodriguez in tequila mexico wall hunting In case you haven't realized yet that I absolutely love this trip. Well, I LOOOOVED this trip as much as I love discovering a colorful wall. Which is like A LOT! If you saw any of the moments on my stories. You know what I mean! ;) 

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