If you’ve ever wanted to visit a charming inexpensive city that is easily accessible by foot, that is Prague!

Three days in Prague

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a charming inexpensive city that is easily accessible by foot, that is Prague!

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 29. November 2017 at 08:15 pm

For my second getaway from Berlin during my month long trip away from NYC. I decided to visit Prague for my first time. It is only a short bus ride away for about 40 euro on the high-end round trip. After visiting, I am kicking myself for not visiting sooner during the warmer months when I used to live in Berlin. The city is straight out of Disney. With so many charming cobble stoned streets and history literally at each corner. For my first day, I just walked without much direction. Following my eye where it thought would be most interesting. This is usually how I like to travel recently. Without direction. I enjoy the excitement of finding a new spot, though as of recent I feel everything has been captured and shared on Instagram. The feeling I once had at 23 (three years ago) isn’t the same. Though, my love for traveling has not left me. Just makes me think I need to visit more remote locations. 

As for my second day, I was lucky enough to take part in an Eating Prague Food Tour that really blew my taste buds away. It was a 4-hour food tour that gave me a real taste for what Prague really has to offer. After all, I wanted was a good nap before checking out the nightlife. The nightlife is also something, I always like to check out when visiting new cities. Prague does not disappoint. There are a lot of options depending on your interest. 

For me, I did not stay out so late because on my last day I had an early morning to catch the sun. Every day except for my last day had been gray. So it was very important for me to see Prague drenched in sunlight. That is my favorite way to see any city, drenched in sun. 

Here are some of my favorite moments. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez prague door
Like I said, there is history around every corner. This is a castle door that caught my attention and conveniently matched my outfit. I honestly would have liked to have done a tour with a historian. There is so much Prague has to offer as it’s one skip away from eastern Europe.
Thumb freddy rodriguez prague bridge
Do you know this bridge? This is the iconic Charles bridge in Prague that is just as busy as Times Square, but luckily I met up with a local at 7 am to capture this photo just before the tourist were out and the sun was slowly making its way out from behind the clouds.
Thumb freddy rodriguez prague lenon wall
This is not just a crazy graffiti wall, this is called the John Lennon wall for the lyrics that were originally written on it during the USSR times. When everyone was suppressed and anything from western culture was forbidden. This was a place for freedom and expression. To this day, it still stands as a place for peace.
Thumb freddy rodriguez prague streets
The cobblestone streets were one of my favorite parts of the city. For me, when I first moved to NYC they were such a charm to see something so old. In Prague, they are everywhere! To image, the city was so lucky not to be destroyed during WWII. My favorite part of traveling is seeing what I once learned in grade school in person. There is always more behind the surface when speaking with locals and experiencing myself. 

Have you been to Prague before? What is your favorite aspect of traveling? Leave it in a comment. I’d love to know your point of view. 

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Kiki at the 23.07.2018 - 02:53

I'm trying to study abroad here! Looks incredible

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