When I want to dance, there is no better place than Berlin to lose myself.

Case of Berlin Syndrome

When I want to dance, there is no better place than Berlin to lose myself.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 13. November 2017 at 08:00 pm

If you haven’t been to Berlin yet, I can not recommend it enough. Especially if you love techno music! Berlin has a special place in my heart for the people, music and parties. I visit at least twice a year to see my friends and stop by some of my favorite clubs that are the best in the world (my bias opinion of course). The summer time is best time to go from May - September. Then the light is out until 10pm and rises super early, everyone is happy that winter is over and there are so many outdoor parties. You can literally party beyond your hearts desire! 

I decided to spend a month in Europe with Berlin as my home base from Oct. 23 - Nov. 21. Spending my weekends in Berlin and visiting other neighboring cities like Paris and Prague during the week. If only NYC was so close to as many amazing places, I would never leave!  
Thumb freddy rodriguez berghain berlinLike I said, Berlin has some of the best clubs in the world. To me, the best is Berghain. For its always amazing lineup, sound system and the well-curated crowd that the bouncers allow inside. If you have the chance to go, I recommend on Sunday morning after you've had a full night rest and heavy breakfast. Stay until closing if you can sometime Monday afternoon, but for sure stay for Sunday night. That is the best!
Thumb freddy rodriguez berlin facadeThe city of Berlin has so much color everywhere it is amazing! The sun may only come out every once and a while during the winter, so I think the buildings really help brighten up the gray city. Thumb freddy rodriguez berlin ubahnAlso, their metro system has the most adorable cute yellow train that goes through the city like a snake above and underground. It is so easy to get almost anywhere in Berlin within just 30 minutes.    
Thumb freddy rodriguez berlin graffitiThen there is the endless amount of graffiti and murals throughout the city! From the Berlin wall to Urban Spree and all the other buildings throughout Berlin. I always love finding new places to take photos that will match my outfits! :) 

If you've been to Berlin, what do you love about the city? Leave a comment about your favorite interest! 

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