For my first trip to Turkey, I visited Hillside Beach Club resort in Fethiye. By far one of the most relaxing trips I've taken!

Blue Perk Takes Hillside Beach Club

For my first trip to Turkey, I visited Hillside Beach Club resort in Fethiye. By far one of the most relaxing trips I've taken!

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Posted on: 05. June 2017 at 11:52 pm

This blog post was originally shared summer of 2014:
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It may only be the second of July, but summer is fully underway in Fethiye, Turkey. This is where I have been for the past four wonderful days with my friend ADAM, we’ve been basking in 90 degree weather with what feels like cool bath water to refresh ourselves in. Their slogan is “Heaven on Earth”, and well if your idea of heaven includes brisk silent mornings, cool and refreshing crystal clear water to play in, plus unlimited buffet style food, beer, and wine, and nightly entertainment. Their slogan lives up to it’s bold statement, because each day I couldn’t believe I was waking up to such a beautiful location isolated on a remote hillside just outside of Fethiye. Location scouting here was extremely simple, the hard part was to stay out of the water long enough to take these photos. Though, I couldn’t pass sharing my experience and these super cute shorts I’ve been dying to wear since I left New York. 
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These photos were taken on an isolated bridge headed toward their silent beach where no kids are allowed (hands in the air emoji!), and you can also have morning yoga with the entire Mediterranean sea to help you properly find your zen. On my first morning walk to yoga, I knew this had the be the location for my first set of photos. Though a good 90% of my trip, I was only in my swimming trunks, I thought it was only appropriate to show how one can make swim trunks outfit appropriate for such resort lifestyle situations. Step one is finding shorts that are stylish enough to do most of the work, and the rest is simple by adding a tank top, a simple or printed short sleeve button down, hat optional, sunglasses mandatory, and espadrilles are just too cute not to wear during the summer. And just like that you have an outfit that easily goes from swimming to dinner table without any judgement. ;)
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Outfit Credits: 
Shirt: Vans/ Tank: Armani Exchange/ Shorts: Limoland/ Shoes: Soludos/ Hat: Qilo/ Watch: Casio/ Bracelets: Men in Cities/ Cuff: George Frost/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker

photographer: ADAM

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