Remembering my first trip to Amsterdam and how magical the city is.

Blue Perk visit Amsterdam for First Time

Remembering my first trip to Amsterdam and how magical the city is.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 08. June 2017 at 08:57 pm

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Upon my arrival to Amsterdam last week on a four day weekend getaway from Berlin with my friend Anthony. I was instantly in love with the cute city built in a horseshoe style of canal-ways and many short european style housing reminding me a lot of Disney World. It was a huge change from Berlin’s grungy atmosphere that I was just getting used to before we left. I couldn’t stop taking pictures around each corner I was in like a kid in Disney World enamored by all of the sites around me. I will save everything else I loved in Amsterdam for a full “What to do in Netherlands” post coming shortly. 
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As for my outfit, it is starting to become difficult to keep the clothing I originally packed in New York fresh and creative while traveling. I’m going on my second month now, and clothing is starting to be re-worn. Something I really don’t enjoy doing, but I hope you all can understand I’m not living in New York anymore where clothing was sent to me on a daily bases. This was a uphill battle I knew I’d be facing once I left, but will continue to try my best to keep my looks fresh and inspiring. Just as for this look, I look very patriotic in what might as well be an unintentional red, white, and blue outfit. With a fun added pop of tropical print shoes appropriate for a summer trip to Amsterdam. 
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Outfit Credits:
Shirt: ASOS/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Shoes: Tretorn/ Glasses: Warby Parker 

photographer: ANTHONY

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