In just 3 days, you too could have a brighter and whiter smile too!

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In just 3 days, you too could have a brighter and whiter smile too!

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 25. July 2019 at 10:42 am

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ARC. The opinions and text are all mine.
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Y’all know how much I love to smile in all of my photos and to be honest, I smile pretty much all the time in real life too. That’s why I chose to partner with ARC Whitening strips to help y’all have a confident white smile too! ARC is a new brand in the teeth whitening market that I’m super excited to introduce y’all to! ARC is looking to help us all live our most confident lives. Within just 3 days, you too can have a whiter smile. The teeth whitening strips only take 30 minutes a day, which is such an easy-to-follow daily regimen that almost anyone can incorporate into his or her nightly or morning routine. I’m more of a nighttime ARC whitening strips user kind of guy. 

If I’ve caught your attention already, you can easily find ARC Whitening at your local Target. Though, if you aren’t convinced just yet. Keep reading to learn some more facts about ARC Whitening and about my personal smile story. 
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First off for those curious about the ingredients. Which are super important! We don’t want to use artificial ingredients that could potentially harm us long term. ARC provides a trusted method of teeth whitening: one where you will have confidence in the product and confidence in your smile. There are no extraneous ingredients, just the one that dental professional’s trust and use themselves for teeth whitening. So there isn’t any nonsense of extraneous or nonworking ingredients and ARC only uses ingredients that are clinically proven to whiten teeth. ARC is putting our health first! 
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As I mentioned above, wear time is just 30 minutes a night or morning or whenever you want to just relax for 30 minutes. After using for just 3 days, you can notice whiter teeth. Because wear time is obviously important to get the best results that we all want, ARC has been optimized for 30-minute treatments. The peroxide in the whitening strips needs time to travel and to deliver optimal results, 30 minutes is the sweet spot—ten minutes doesn’t give enough time for whitening ingredients to work and over thirty minutes is just a burden for us. The best part is, ARC strips deliver the peroxide to your teeth and they don’t slip, aren’t messy and are easy to use. Pretty much music to my ears! There is nothing worse than teeth whitening strips that are constantly falling off and leave an unsettling taste in your mouth. That won’t happen with ARC

Now the final kicker that ARC has thought about to make sure we get the best white teeth possible. ARC Whitening uses an LED blue light that works! The ARC Light emits blue light at a specific wavelength that targets stains to weaken their chemical bonds. When you use the light for the last five minutes of your treatments, it makes the treatment even more effective than with just strips alone. And better yet, the light works for up to 28 treatments to keep your smile continuously white! 
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Now that we’ve gotten all of the logistical stuff out of the way. Let me give you some insight into my smile story that hasn’t always been so bold. Can you believe I used to be ashamed of my smile? Growing up, I used to have very crooked teeth and was VERY insecure about smiling. I was that guy who would always grin when it came to smiling. My smile really made me super insecure! Luckily when I was a young teenager, I was able to get my crooked teeth fixed. Getting my teeth fixed to the state they are now still isn’t perfect, which maybe you wouldn’t guess. I have a bite issue with my jaw that the only way to fix is to break my jaw and have it realigned over a long painful process that would be very costly and did I mention painful. So I still don’t have the perfect smile that we all strive for, but that doesn’t stop me from smiling confidently. Confidence is so important our smiles! I have learned how to smile my most confidently and I share it as much possible, because smiling is contagious. That’s why I love that ARC Whitening is focused on empowering all of us to have a whiter smile. The more white smiles, possibly the more smiles we will all want to share, and spread the contagiousness of smiling. Now doesn’t that sound like an ideal world to live in? I’m all about it! 

If you’d like to try for yourself, you can find ARC Whitening at your local Target

As always, if you have any questions about ARC Whitening. Feel free to leave a comment below or find me on Instagram: @BluePerk! :)

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