Hillside Beach Club Resort Sunset

Sunsets have always been a favorite time of day. Especially when beachside!

Blue Perk Takes Hillside Beach Club

For my first trip to Turkey, I visited Hillside Beach Club resort in Fethiye. By far one of the most relaxing trips I've taken!

Kenzo Pre-Fall Collection in Paris

While in Paris, I had the opportunity to make friends with the head of PR for Kenzo and collaborate on this Pre-Fall collection post.

How to Wear Shorts During Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris is by far the best time to visit. The weather during the month of June is just magical!

Blue Perk Takes the Arc de Triomphe

From my first visit to Paris, I met up with fellow blogger Matthias Cornilleu of Stylnoxe and shot some photos at the stunning Arc de Triomphe.