As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve sure been having THE MOST FUN traveling about every two weeks since my last blog post.

New York Spring Moments

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve sure been having THE MOST FUN traveling about every two weeks since my last blog post.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 22. May 2018 at 12:32 am

Not sure where exactly to start… SOOOOOO LET ME START WITH, HIIIIIII! Since my last blog post I’ve been to Miami, Philadelphia, Guadalajara, and Tequila (yes, there is a town in Mexico called Tequila and it is AMAZING!). This blog post will be a quick update to let you all who read my blog know that you should be following me on Instagram, because thanks to all of my amazing travels. I don’t really give myself enough time to blog like I used back when I first started blogging. Between traveling, events, spending time with my husband, catching up with friends outside of blogging world, and well finding time to relax alone. I really don’t find enough time to blog… this blog post is about a month and a half over due!

I’ll be sharing highlights from my Instagram that can quickly catch you up to speed on how Spring in NYC is going when I’m in town. Then I will catch you up to speed on how my trips to Miami, Philly, and Mexico were. 

I've had the pleasure of working with some pretty awesome brands since my past blog post. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez wearing built new york
Built NY is a company known for water containers, but also have amazing backpacks and lunch boxes that are great for running around! The blue backpack photographed here has been my go-to while running around city. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez worn differentDid you know that Dr. Martens makes sandals?! Well they do, and they're super comfortable! I'm wearing their Myles black sandals from my partnership this past April. 
Thumb freddy rodriguez national pet day
National Pet Day was on April 11 and I had the pleasure of partnering with Hot Sox Co. I mean, who doesn't like matching their socks to their dog. Becks is actually my friend Alicia's dog, but she was nice enough to let me borrow him for this photo. :)
Thumb freddy rodriguez wantable bushwickSince it's summer time I couldn't resist partnering with Wantable to highlight their super easy shopping services. You give them some insight into your lifestyle and they then select clothes for you based on preferences. Which make no excuse to get physical outdoors now that it has finally warmed up! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez visits blake lane nyc 2
Being able to work with Tim in some of my posts is always a pleasure, especially when it is during date night. We were able to partner with Blake Lane Restaurant. Which is located uptown for a lovely dinner! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez wearing h m at brooklyn bridgeDo you love H&M?! Well, I sure do. When I was asked to partner with them to highlight this full head to toe outfit, I was pretty much feeling like a school girl who finally got noticed by the cool guy at school I've always been into. Pretty much a partnership goal check off! 
Thumb freddy rodriguez wearing hot sox in central park nycWouldn't be Spring without enjoying Central Park. In this on going partnership with Hot Sox, I was able to highlight one of their limited edition socks only sold at Barney's! ;)
Thumb freddy rodriguez in lower east side to dance 2Last, but not least, I was even partnered with a dance studio that just opened in Downtown Brooklyn called At Your Beat. Since it's now warm, I am so happy to be having more active opportunities that are keeping me in shape! 

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