Simple elevated outfit additions to step up your Fall/ Winter 2017 style.

Menswear Outfits for New York Fashion Week

Simple elevated outfit additions to step up your Fall/ Winter 2017 style.

This is me, Freddy Rodriguez
Posted on: 22. September 2017 at 02:16 pm

My friends over at Topman outfitted for this series. They invited my husband and I into their Soho store in Manhattan to pull pieces for New York Fashion Week. We literally felt like kids in a candy shop. We went a little crazy at first pulling so many different looks, but then narrowed it down to 10 different pieces for 7 outfits. Each outfit has a key elevated element that I really think is important to make an outfit stand out.  

These are in no particular order. I love each outfit and definitely plan to see myself in more cropped dress pants and blazers this Fall/ Winter (unless I escape for some warmth… TBD).

Thumb freddy rodriguez in soho

A statement jacket is an elevated element no brainer for fashion week, but this one in particular just got so many compliments between my husband and me wearing it. I got street styled in Soho while taking this photo, my husband got countless compliments at a party when he wore it and then I got compliments when I wore it the next night to a different party. Do yourself a favor and get a denim jacket with roses.

Thumb freddy rodriguez chinatown topman style

This is an outfit is a combo, not only am I wearing complimenting blues, my elevated element is my skinny fit dress pants.The fit is the key though, you have to make sure the dress pants hug you in all the right places. ;)

Thumb freddy rodriguez lower east side topman style

Going for a pop of color is easy, but I made sure not to go to loud. Adding this subtle red blazer with light denim and white shirt allowed for elevated downtown cool status. This look is one of my favorites.

Thumb freddy rodriguez lower manhattan topman style

Here are the cropped pants I was talking about earlier. I have been all about joggers for so long, and now to see dress pants cropped with a waistband. Yes, please! As I stressed earlier too, it’s always about the fit. These cropped dress pants make the outfit for their fit.

Thumb freddy rodriguez soho topman style

Sometimes, just sometimes you’ll see me in all gray. That is the name of fashion week. The muscle fit is the subtle elevation here. Showing off my body which I work on continuously is nice every once and a while when clothing allows.

Thumb freddy rodriguez at manhattan bridge

Without a doubt, dress pants with a jogger waistband were giving me life all week. The pants made this look, mixed with the colorful sweater it just felt right to me! 

Thumb freddy rodriguez bushwick topman style

Last, but not least. Just like the previous outfit, playing with colorful blazers elevated this outfit. The color purple at first was a hesitation for me before putting it on, but afterward, I was in love with it! That’s something to keep in mind, always try on clothes and try new colors before discrediting how they will look on you.

I had so much fun getting extra dapper during fashion week wearing Topman. Playing with new colors and different outfit pieces really has gotten me excited for cold weather. Even as much as I do love summer, there is only so much that can be done when it’s hot compared to layers that winter allows.  

What do you think of my outfits? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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